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„Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.“
Albert Schweitzer

Sandra Gold
Sandra Gold


Nearly 30 years music passion, joy and the ability to inspire others, that takes the cake, if you talk about Sandra Gold.

Always stay on the ball and give more than 100 % – that’s her claim. Because if you stop getting better, it stops you being good.

She never had to hide behind a stage name, because „Gold“ is her surname since birth.

Her sound can’t be reduced to a style. Versatile she cross boundaries and meet the audience with her own „Definition of Electronic Dance Music„!
Sandra is known and loved for this. So popular that she won the Munich Nightlife Award 2014 in the category DJ Techno &House.

But Sandra Gold is not only a DJ, she also has her own label and a series of events with DISCOTRIBE. Under this brand, she not only satisfies the cravings for electronic sounds of the old school, but also presents driving beats and basses of contemporary design in an innovative-ornate robe. The union of different danceable styles and a symbiosis between currently successful artists, freshly growing pupils in the field of electronic dance and celebration culture, as well as heroes of the early techno era, that corresponds to the DISCOTRIBE philosophy!

DISCOTRIBE events have been around for 7 years now, as well as their own DISCOTRIBE PODCAST, featuring guest DJs and the resident crew. And if Sandra is not on tour with DISCOTRIBE, you’ll find her pretty often at the Munich Palais Club on the decks and pushing the mood on the floor. As reliable as a Swiss watch, she delivers the highest quality to the dancefloor and has been resident DJ for more than a decade now.

Self-Portrait: „My name is Sandra Gold, I have been in the electronic music scene for almost 30 years. Over the years I have created and produced a variety of styles, mostly electronically. However, I always kept the groove & vibe, so my development had a consistent component. Or in other words – no matter what style I play, be it techno, house or funk, the way I create my dj-sets, send the dancefloor on a journey, should be recognizable again and that’s makes me and my music.



Joy, passion and inspiration – those themes flow like a river through the music of Sandra Gold.
Her work is driven by the belief that giving only 100% is never enough, since if you lose your drive to get better, you fade into obscurity.
Defying classification and freely floating across musical boundaries, she always presents the audience with her own Definition of Electronic Music.